New Systems

Global Air is ready to offer you solutions in order to cover any kind of need for your vessel, for your building, for your catering business, for any public area.  
Our systems refer not only to new constructions, but to conversions as well, since we may combine existingmachinerywithnewones, andconsult you on the best possible system that may be installed in order to create pleasant conditions and an ideal indoor environment.
Our range of plants and equipment includes:
·        Air conditioning units (in horizontal or vertical design)
·        Ventilation units
·        Recirculating cooling units for dehumidification and filtration
·        Humidifiers
·        Air protection fans
Spare parts
In order to support the systems we install, but also your existing systems regardless of makers, we offer you a range of spare parts such as:
·        Air filters (pocket, z-line and absolute)
·        Fans / ventilators
·        Electrical motors
·        Impellers
·        Centrifugal  and axial flow fans
·        Flexible and transfer ducts, etc.
Installation of a system is not the endline for our services. Our experienced service engineers are ready to visit your vessel ALL OVER THE WORLD to perform maintenance - overhauling and repair works. Long term service contract proposal may be submitted.